Facebook Security: 10 Tips to Secure Your Facebook Profile

Facebook security is quite a challenging task. Social Networking Sites offer different measures to maintain privacy. 

At the same time, giving out personal data is almost mandatory in a few social networking sites like Facebook. 

Importance of Facebook Security

Personal data in your Facebook profile comprises hometown, place of education & employment, date of birth, phone number, address, hobbies, interests, relationship status etc. 

In providing these details, users easily become the source of Information and targets in Social Networking.

Particularly, Facebook is an open platform, and it’s important to secure your Facebook profile. So it is necessary to understand the Facebook security best practices.

Chances are heavy that hackers, Fraudsters attempt to hack Facebook accounts to spread wrong information, malicious links or even to phish data. You should be carefully downloading Facebook videos too.

Hence, protecting your data from intruders becomes inevitable. 

securing your Facebook Profile

What are the Facebook Security Tips?

I. Protect your account

  1. Protect your Password 
  2. Create a smart password which is hard to guess. 
  3. Don’t use your password when using public WiFi.
  4. Do not share your password to others.
  5. Don’t use the same password to access other online accounts.
  6. Change your password once in six months.
  7. Protect your Facebook login Information
  8. Phishers may create fake Facebook websites to obtain login information. Checking the URL before giving the login details will help protect your account.
  9. Always type www.facebook.com while entering login information to avoid phishing. 
  10. Logout Facebook before you share your computer with others.

II. Monitor your profile frequently especially when the design of Facebook is changed.

III. Check the Activity Log frequently.

IV. Never accept friend requests from strangers.

  1. Phishers generally create fake profiles on Facebook.
  2. If one accepts the fake profile’s friend request, then they become easy targets and victims of spams, tags in unwanted posts and find themselves at the receiving end of illegitimate messages.

V. Set the privacy settings as given below for your activity on Facebook:

  1. Who can see your future posts? Friends.
  2. Whom can see the people, Pages and lists you follow? Friends.
  3. Who can see your stories? Friends.
  4. Which people see your friends list? Friends.
  5. Who can use the Email address you provided? Friends.
  6. Who can use the Phone Number you provided? Friends.

Some more tips you need to consider are

VI. Don’t click on suspicious links you get even from your friends. Report suspicious links. Block suspicious applications.

VII. Facebook will never ask for your data through Email.

VIII. Be cautious of malicious software, it may affect your electronic device. Keep the web browser up to date and delete the doubtful applications and browser pop-ups.

IX. Always say “No” to questions like “Do you want the X search engine to link with your Facebook profile?”

X. Use Facebook’s additional security options like, set up Two Factor authentication, alerts about unknown logins, etc. Logout after you use Facebook. Never say yes for “Keep Me Logged In”.

Final Words,

Secure your Facebook and have a happy socializing time!

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