Online Classes: How to Enjoy Secure Learning 2020

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When Covid-19 Pandemic brought classrooms to the living rooms due to online classes, students everywhere happened to have mixed feelings. Hence, Many people are taking online classes on other platforms such as Coursera too. In online colleges, many students are taking up the courses. Free online college courses are also available nowadays. Whether they enjoy … Read more

How to Find Cerberus Banking Trojan? Here is the Guide

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A new cyber alert called Cerberus Trojan, a malicious software, theatres a significant role in COVID-19 pandemic. This cybersecurity threat/attack primarily focuses on stealing financial data. It comes in the form of Short Messaging Services (SMS) to the customers of a bank. On opening the link that comes with the SMS, the malicious software is … Read more

How to detect EventBot Malware? A Quick Guide 2020

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EventBot malware is a new mobile banking trojan that emerged in March, 2020 during Covid-19 pandemic. It is an Android mobile malware. EventBot attacks financial applications of your Android smartphone. EventBot malware targets multiple financial applications including Cryptocurrency wallets, financial services and banking. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has issued an advisory, warning people … Read more

Smishing and Vishing: Quick Guide to be Alert

Smishing and Vishing

Smishing and Vishing are the most critical attacks on which cybercriminals work on. Let’s see them one by one with relevant examples. Smishing Smishing is a type of phishing in which somebody attempts to fool you into giving them your private data through a telephone call or SMS message. It is a combination of SMS … Read more