Six Job Scam Tips You Need To Learn Now

Job Scam – Beware!

 Job Scam/fraud is an attempt to ruse people who are looking for employment. At the outset, this online job scam falsely promises of a better job with comfortable timings, better job duties or higher salary. 

 Phishing websites of the Government departments, Companies and fake job portals are the major entities that misdirect candidate users.

They do by posing fake jobs, conducting online tests and even displaying the results. Then comes the play, yes, they demand some payment to release the offer letter. 

Scammers follow this trick and allure the public by asking the candidates to deposit money via a wallet or bank transfers. Some even set up temporary offices, hire staff, conduct interviews, allot appointment letters and charge fees in instalments. But, do not worry, you always have a way out!

Illustrious Online Job Scams

Job scam
  1. Fake job portals, fake company websites, and fake recruiter websites.
  2. Spam offer Emails from Recruiter
  3. Bogus jobs on Social Media.

A real story of the Victim:

One of my friends received an Email one fine morning, The mail says like this,

First Email


University of Jazeera, Dubai is recruiting suitable candidates for a range of academic and non-academic positions.

With reference to your personal and career indicators forwarded to us through our consultants at monster jobs, we confirm that your profile matches requirements for employment with our institution.

If interested send a copy of your updated CV to us at for screening and verification.


Ibrahim Abbas
University of Jazeera, Dubai

She has sent her resume on the maid id given. After two days she has received the following mail,

Second Email


This is to inform you that your application for a placement at University of Jazeera, Dubai is under review and you will be notified of the status of your application soon.

Candidates are screened based on the following criteria and as such interviews are not a prerequisite for applicants who live outside the UAE (however an online interview may be required in special cases):

Professional/Educational qualifications – Career History as it relates to the job profile – The level of experience – Reference by our job consultants

Successful Applicants will be contacted after the screening process.

Best Regards,
Ibrahim Abbas

After some days she received the exciting offer as given below,


This is an affirmation that your experience and qualifications were found successful for employment at University of Jazeera.

Attached herewith is a Contract Offer detailing your designation, entitlements and emoluments. If you accept this contract, your employment with University of Jazeera shall be governed by the terms and conditions outlined therein.

To indicate acceptance, sign on the last page (acceptance page) of the attached Contract, scan and send a copy to us through this email address.

The procurement of your travel documents will be handled by Baisan Travels, Dubai.

Excited, as anyone would be, she signed the contract right away and then came the bomb…

Yep, she was asked to pay a huge amount, of course, in instalments. Had she tried to pay the first instalment, sure she would have ended up paying full without any job on hand ultimately! That’s a job scam!

What should I do if I receive an offer like this?

  1. If the offer letter or appointment letter is suspicious, verify the legitimacy of the firm’s website and call up the company or organization at their landline number.
  2. Don’t pay for any job.
  3. Check if the person who has mailed you is available, and analyze the vacancy for the post or job you have applied for.
  4. Never believe the job for which you received an offer letter without any formal interview.
  5. Be careful – the offer letter looks too good, and the remuneration may be too high and not matching with the current market trends.
  6. Look for red flags by mail/letter.

Recently there was a CBC news that P.E.I woman loses $700 to Online Job scam.

Anyone can be Scammed

     Irrespective of age or position, anyone can be scammed by the cybercriminals. So, beware! It’s time to be alert and avoid becoming victims to these deceptions.

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